The Cell -2000-


Directed by Tarsem. 107 mins.

Worth my time? Yes. (Watched on DVD)

Also known as David Fincher’s Paprika. The police-thriller side of things is competently done, but it can’t match the ingenuity and visual splendor of main attraction.

Tarsem’s taps into the cinematic possibilities of dreams in a way that puts Nightmare On Elm Street to shame. While there’s a fair deal of CGI, what really stand out are the landscapes, the costumes, and the color palettes. Sure, some segments are grungy, but all of them exhibited the kind of brilliant production I’m more accustomed to seeing in German films of the silent era.

PS: If the producers of the Saw franchise had any sense, they would have attached Tarsem to the series ages ago. Their fans would have thanked them.

PPS: Dylan Baker, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, and Dean Norris? Great supporting actors abound! Too bad they don’t have much to do.

(Watched and originally written during Summer 2010 when I was on a real movie bender)