Stay away from my cream soda.

Stay away from my cream soda.

If none of us make it, at least there’ll be some kind of record.

Hey there, I’m Patrick. I decided to start CineSpaz on January 11, 2013, so that I would have a place at which to throw my thoughts about the movies I see. In that sense, the site isn’t that different than the concept behind zillions of blogs. Perhaps no one will end up reading this, and that’s fine. I still look forward to using it as a cinematic journal. I didn’t go to film school, and I have little experience in filmmaking, but my friends say I know a lot about movies. That’s gotta be worth something.

I may have been born yesterday, but I stayed up all night.

This is not a film review blog. Film criticism is a genre of nonfiction writing that other people do just fine. My only goal is to explain whether or not I thought the film was worth my time (I will also take into account whether I paid to see the film, whether I saw it at a theater or on a TV, etc). My posts will probably stay on the shorter side, but I reserve the right to ramble as long as I goddamn well please. That’s why the Internet was invented.

If you want to leave comments, go for it. I would prefer you not act like a dick, but I won’t delete your posts or anything.

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