How to Train Your Dragon -2010-


Directed by Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders. 98 mins.

Worth my time? Fuck, no. (Watched on BluRay)Why does everyone fucking like this dull fucking movie? It has some visually impressive segments, sure, but it’s an animated kids’ movie, for Pete’s sake. Pretty pictures is a bare minimum.How to Train Your Dragon has five credited writers, so apparently it’s a five-man operation to write a dumb “ET with dragons” story. I mean, look at the poster. They aren’t trying to hide it one bit. This color-by-numbers coming-of-age plot has zero depth and the characters had no likability. I really wanted all of them to die at the end. Now that would have been an inspired third act.This film is the Pearl Jam of movies – a piece of shit that is inexplicably enjoyed by many people with otherwise excellent taste. Just watch Wreck-It Ralph instead.Aside: Why are my write-ups so short? I think I’m preoccupied or something.

 (Seen and written on 2014-05-09)