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Flirting with Disaster -1996-


Directed by David O. Russell. 92 mins.

Worth my time? Yes. (Watched on DVD)

If you like your comedy neurotic and GenX-cellent, you’ll be in hog heaven. David O. Russell’s screenplay is fast, funny, and never seems like it’s trying too hard to be hip. Unlike Little Miss Sunshine (another on-the-road indie comedy whose characters felt like they were air-dropped into the same family moments prior), most of the characters in Flirting With Disaster are broken into couples. The chemistry between these characters is so real that it’s easy to believe that they’ve driven one another to such heights of zaniness over long periods of time.

The movie’s success is in no small part due to the fantastic casting (Brolin and Jenkins are hilarious, and Tomlin and Alda, of course, feel perfect together). Plus, it’s always good so see a movie where Ben Stiller plays a person, not just an extended sketch character.

(Watched and originally written during Summer 2010 when I was on a real movie bender)

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