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Friday -1995-


Directed by F. Gary Gray. 91 mins.

Worth my time? No. (Watched on DVD)

Wow, what a disappointment – especially since lots of my friends with good taste in movies really like this one. While the chemistry between Cube and Tucker is good for a few chuckles, this movie was surprisingly drab and lifeless. The environment is standard “ghetto by numbers.”

F. Gary Gray tries to compensate by throwing in every zany character that comes to mind, but here’s a rule of thumb: if you need a dwarf for laughs, your movie is seriously lacking. Plus, the shift in tone at the end is one of the worst I’ve seen since Richie Rich.

PS: Ice Cube tripping out at his ceramic dogs was, admittedly, pretty funny.

(Watched and originally written during Summer 2010 when I was on a real movie bender)

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