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Runaway Train -1985-


Directed by Andrei Konchalovsky. 111 mins.

Worth my time? Yes. (Watched on DVD)

A super-intense thriller. I didn’t think it was the classic that many critics regard it to be, but it was still a huge jump above most of these sorts of movies. In someone else’s hands, this could be straight-up Steven Seagal fare. Luckily, the direction is brutal with minimal filler, and Voight and Robert… well, they have screen presence. It’s not that their performances are bad, but they’re at such a contanst fever-pitch that I could see some people getting turned off (others will love it). Eric Roberts continues to confuse me. He strikes the perfect balance between pompous toughguy and whiny bitch*, and the end result is strangely addictive.

PS: Disaster thrillers are great because not only do they channel our fears of technology and human error, but they also serve as a big “fuck you” to our bosses in the workplace. When was the last time the boss back at the control center in one of these movies actually had a constructive idea? No, it’s always the under-appreciated underlings. Let’s hear it for the techies!

(Watched and originally written during Summer 2010 when I was on a real movie bender)

*Wouldn’t have been my choice of words had I written this in the present day, but that’s what I decided to write in 2010. I no longer use dehumanizing terms in casual discourse, but I’m not going to redact my past.

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